Thursday, 23 January 2014

Storing Videos

Now I am beginning to build up a bank of videos I need to consider where I am going to keep them. At the moment they are on YouTube. I'm not totally happy with this as YouTube has so many distractions and inappropriate content.
I found which allows you to store and categorise videos and I think this would be better as it is designed for schools and is more secure. You can also add documents so it would good to add templates for mindmaps, notes etc to the videos. However, the website doesn't like my school's email addresses for some reason so I am having problems sending out invitations to join it! It is very frustrating to have this sort of thing happen as it creates an unnecessary delay.
However, hopefully it will be sorted soon.
I am also now thinking of getting better video editing software and maybe a camcorder so my videos are more...polished.
My latest video is an information video rather than a flipped video which is getting the class prepared for next week's geography lesson. You can see it here
I'm looking forward to making a new flipped video over the weekend.

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