Thursday, 23 January 2014

Online Storage is all sorted now. They can all log on via their Google accounts - much easier. After one week of this flipped classroom project, I'm exhausted!
My class are really enjoying the videos - I have also posted a video or two just for fun so it keeps them following the blog. This week I posted up a video taken from the cockpit of a Typhoon fighter jet which went down well!
Next week, I'm hoping to work with some colleagues to get their videos up and running too. I am keen to develop some collaboration on this as, at times, I feel a bit swamped with information. I'm also thinking of getting myself some better video software to give me more tools for making better videos. Someone also mentioned the possibility of green screen videos so I can stand in front of any background. Exciting possibilities...
Looking forward to the weekend and making a couple more videos!

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